Traversals/Trajectories: Expansive Localities

In Place of Region in the Contemporary by pcan

This is an exhibition to launch the Philippine Contemporary Art Network. It explores ideas of the region and the different “practices of placeness” in Philippine contemporary art by tracing numerous strains of place making in the works of artists from different localities across the Philippines. Art by emerging artists are presented alongside more settled ones, allowing one generation to speak to another by way of art. The exhibition examines negotiations of the global by gathering various practices of making and claiming place through contemporary art. It subsequently attempts to formulate ideas of the contemporary by way of a pliant and porous local, giving form to an attitude sharply described as a “restless worldliness.” Collateral activities are organized with the exhibition, including a discussion platform to examine impulses underlying the curatorial —those that frame and activate localities in their assertion of claims to place against an overarching globality.

Isha Naguiat
Carzen Esprela
Bag in a Boat
Rocky Cajigan
Fabric of Activisms
Martin de Mesa
Noel’s Shrine
Jose Tence Ruiz
S’kool (detail)